Radiological Health

Radiological Health Program:

This program is responsible for:

  • Emergency response to radiation accidents
  • Registration and inspection of all facilities with radiation machines used in West Virginia
  • MQSA (mammography) inspections and accreditation
  • Provide technical assistance on radiological and radon issues
  • Provide public education and outreach on radiological and radon issues



Radiological Health Specialist Chief: Justin N. Teter
Phone: (304) 352-5022
Fax: (304) 558-0524


The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors' Source Collection and Threat Reduction Program

Opportunity to Dispose of Unused Radioactive Sources

The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) and DOE/NNSA have entered into a cooperative agreement to support consolidation and disposal of commercially disposable radioactive sealed sources at the State level. SCATR’s goal is to collect sources being stored and not used that pose threat to public health and safety and could possibly be used for malicious intent. DOE recognizes that the availability of disposal of such sources is limited and expensive; and has initiated this rare opportunity for licensees to have financial assistance in properly securing and disposing of these sources through this CRCPD program.


Payments, Registration, & Renewal

Inspection Invoice Payments
Shielding plan review payments
Vendor Registration Renewal
Physicist Registration Renewal
Radiation Machine Facility Renewal

NOTE: Registration and some types of inspections fees increased on April 28th 2024 (See Attached Memorandum)

West Virginia 64CSR51 Fees for Services Rule


Search for Vendors and Medical Physicists registered in the State of West Virginia

Vendors and Medical Physicists Search


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Form 1R: Radiation Machine Registration
Form 1R: Radiation Machine Registration Supplement
Form 1SBB - Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Machine Registration Form
Form 1A: Therapy Machine or Accelerator Registration
Form 3PR: Registration of Services - Physicist
Form 3VR: Registration of services - Vendor
Form 1W: Radiological Waste Disposal Form
Form 1TWS: Tenorm Application

Nuclear Emergency Planning

West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management: Radiological Planning
Potassium Iodide Policy
Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) Monitoring Locations
Area Radiation Monitor Locations
EPZ Trend Graph