Radon Program:

This program is responsible for:

  • Radon testing reports
  • Radon mitigation notifications



Environmental Resource Specialist 2: Keith Ratliff
Phone: (304) 352-5039
Fax: (304) 558-0524
Email: Keith.D.Ratliff@wv.gov

Environmental Resource Specialist 2: Paul Ice
Phone: (304) 352-5013
Fax: (304) 558-0524
Email: Paul.D.Ice@wv.gov

Director: Tera Patton
Phone: (304) 352-5033
Fax: (304) 558-0524
Email: Tera.E.Patton@wv.gov


Tracking Information Spreadsheet

As a courtesy to all radon providers who currently submit monthly data to this office, our staff has developed a tracking information spreadsheet in Excel format which details all of the information which is required for tracking purposes. This format is not required but it may simplify the reporting process that is currently being used by many contractors.

Radon testing reports, mitigation notifications and other information may now be submitted directly to our office at radon@wv.gov

Radon Reporting Spreadsheet

West Virginia residents can request a free Radon Test Kit by emailing Radon@wv.gov or calling 304-352-5039

NOTE: The cost of radon test kits for schools increased on April 28th 2024 (See Attached Memorandum)


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For more information contact our agency at 304-558-2981 or the EPA at 1-800-767-7236.