Certification & Training


The Certification and Training (C&T) Program oversees the certification of public water system operators, wastewater treatment works operators, backflow prevention assembly inspectors/testers, water well drillers and pump installers in West Virginia. 

The WV certification requirements for these professionals are based on public health protection. Please direct any C&T questions to the contacts below.

National Drinking water standards can be found on the EPA's Ground Water and Drinking Water homepage.


Becky Payne

Bureau For Public Health
Office of Environmental Health Services
Environmental Engineering Division
Certification & Training 
350 Capitol Street, Room 313
Charleston, WV 25301-3713
Phone: 304-352-5035
Email: Becky.S.Payne@wv.gov

Certification & Training Program Contacts:

Wastewater: Becky.S.Payne@wv.gov

Drinking Water: Patrick.L.Marchio@wv.gov

Well Driller/Pump Installer: Becky.S.Payne@wv.gov 

Continuing Education Hours: Becky.S.Payne@wv.gov 


The Certification and Training (C&T) Program is based on administration of the following legislative rules as part of the state drinking water program:

Certification is the minimum standard for professionals working directly with drinking water resources. Please use the West Virginia Secretary of State (WVSOS) website as the official source of the state regulations governing these professions at: Apps.sos.wv.gov


To find schedules of upcoming training courses, we recommend you check directly with:

WV Rural Community Assistance Program wvcap.org/rcap/ 304-347-2277

WV Rural Water Association www.wvrwa.org 1-800-339-4513

WV Environmental Training Center www.resa5.k12.wv.us 304-372-7878

Sacramento State Office of Water Programs www.owp.csus.edu 916-278-6142

WV Section - American Water Works Association wvawwa.org

Environmental Finance Center Network www.efcnetwork.org/upcoming-events/

WV Water Well Driller Association 304-636-6025

Please also ensure C&T has your current mailing address and contact information so you do not miss out on any important certification correspondence

Please direct monitoring well driller certification questions to Becky S. Payne at Becky.S.Payne@wv.gov or the WV Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at 304-926-0440.


Certified Water Well Drillers and Pump Installer

Find Certified Water Well Drillers and Pump Installer in the sate of West Virginai with current certification and up to date liability insurance and  contractor bond.


Certification Exam, Renewal, & Reactivation Payments

Before submitting payment first submit renewal or initial certification paperwork to Becky.S.Payne@wv.gov or Christina.M.Rogers@wv.gov for a review. Once a review has been completed and renewal or initial certification is approved an email confirmation will be sent out with instructions to submit payment. Payments made without first submitting paperwork will be refunded and certifications will not be renewed or issued until paperwork is submitted.

WV Well Driller and Pump Installer Certification Exam

Well Drillers and Pump Installers Renewal

Well Drillers and Pump Installers Reactivation

Wastewater Operator Certification

Wasterwater Operator Certification Renewal