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Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP)

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Office of Environmental Health Services (DHHR/OEHS) currently receives sample analytical data from water systems primarily through fax transmissions. It is the goal of the DHHR/OEHS to deviate from faxing paper to submitting electronic data transmissions using a product supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) called the Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP). State administrative rules (CSR 64-3-12) require public water systems to submit compliance reports in a manner or form approved by the Commissioner of the WV Bureau for Public Health (BPH). The DHHR/OEHS prefers, and may eventually require, that sample results be electronically submitted through CMDP by the 10th day after the end of the monitoring period.

Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP)

The CMDP is a web-based reporting application that gives certified laboratories and public water systems the ability to report compliance monitoring data directly to the Drinking Water Section of the Environmental Engineering Division (EED). Two versions of the CMDP are available through the EPA. The two versions include Testing and Compliance, also known as Pre-Production and Production. The EPA maintains the CMDP and encourages data reporters to visit the CMDP Help Center which is designed to provide training materials and articles written to educate users. Access the CMDP Help Center - Compliance Monitoring Data Portal Support.  Documents to be highlighted include the CMDP Role Registration User Guide, as well as The CMDP User Manual.

Registering for CMDP Pre-Production

The Pre-Production environment serves as a testing environment. Access must be requested via registration to use CMDP Pre-Production, and approval is awarded upon the completion of the recommended testing. This step must be completed before a user has the ability to report compliance data through CMDP Production. All Lab and PWS Administrators must be approved by a State CMDP Administrator in order to access the CMDP. It is particularly helpful for data reporters that are new to CMDP, as it helps the new users gain a better understanding of CMDP. For a complete guide to the registration process consult the CMDP Help Center, specifically the CMDP Registration User Guide in section 2.3. Lab and PWS Administrators will then be able to approve additional CMDP users for their organizations following Section 2.4 of the CMDP Registration User Guide.

To begin the registration process, all users must request access through EPA's Shared CROMERR Services (SCS).

Testing Procedure for CMDP Pre-Production

Once the organization has registered for Pre-Production, the testing phase can begin. These are not compliance samples. The testing will consist of three successfully submitted jobs for each section which the organization will be submitting data. Examples are MOR-Chlorine, MOR-Turbidity, Bacteria, Nitrates, Lead and Copper, Rads, DBP, and LT2 (cryptosporidium). EED has provided example data for entry to challenge the organization to simulate real word examples.

Example sample results and testing procedure.

When all sample categories have been successfully completed and checked by EED, a link to Production registration will be provided.

PLEASE NOTE: You must create separate credentials in order to use the production CMDP system.

Registering for CMDP Production

Once the standards have been met in the areas of testing, and accuracy hs been proven in compliance monitoring data of the Pre-Production phase, the Lab and PWS Administrators will be directed to request access to Production. The same process of registration must be followed to register for CMDP Production. All data reporters must create a new set of credentials and request access to the application. A State CMDP Administrator and the Lab or PWS Administrator will determine a final date to move from paper and fax reporting to CMDP Production reporting.

CMDP Reporting Options The CMDP offers a number of options for reporting compliance data to the DHHR/OEHS. They include the following:

  • Online Data Entry (Web Forms) - Data reporters can enter compliance data into online forms and submit the data through the CMDP. Use of the Online Data Entry forms is documented in the CMDP User Manual in the CMDP Help Center.
  • Offline Excel Templates - Reporters can enter compliance data into Excel worksheets and generate a properly formed XML for upload into the CMDP. The latest Excel worksheets can be downloaded directly from the CMDP and the CMDP Help Center.

CMDP State Administrators

Contact the following State CMDP Administrator if you have any questions or need assistance:

Meredith J. Vance

Reference Materials

Laboratory Standard Methods and Analyte Pairings - List of available codes paired with the appropriate Standard Method Code for reporting. Please contact a CMDP Administrator if a pairing is not listed.
Drinking Water Watch - A web application to define the public water system's facilities and sampling points in order to accurately report samples.

Monthly Operational Reports

(MORs) MORs will be submitted electronically through CMDP using the Operational Data Entry forms. All water systems must provide monthly summary information and can either enter daily results into CMDP or attach a pdf file of current state standard forms. Provide separate forms (Excel templates) to the water systems where CMDP does not provide a feature that is enforced by a state rule.