Water Quality Laboratories Certified in West Virginia

Compliance & Enforcement

Water Quality Laboratories Certified In West Virginia
for the Bacteriological and/or Chemical Examination of Drinking Water

The state of West Virginia Certifies water testing laboratories that meet a rigid set of guidelines for proper testing. Labs must meet the basic criteria of promulgated EPA methodologies for drinking water. Once a lab becomes certified, its services may be used by all public water supply systems to determine the quality of their drinking water. The state will only accept data and information about water quality that was prepared and tested by a state certified lab. There are a variety of certified labs located throughout the state as well as in other surrounding states.

The certification process is completed by the Bureau for Public Health, Laboratory Services. They publish a listing of certified labs several times per year for distribution to the public. The certification status of these labs is subject to change at any point. Labs may become certified at anytime or may have their certification revoked. If you have further questions concerning the certification process or the lists, please contact the Bureau for Public Health, Laboratory Services directly by contacting the Microbiological Certification Officer at (304) 558-3530 or the Chemistry Certification Officer at (304) 558-0197.