Continuing Education Information for West Virginia

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Continuing Education Information for West Virginia

The Certification and Training Program oversees public water system operators (64CSR04), wastewater operators (64CSR05), water well drillers and pump installers (64CSR19) and backflow prevention assembly testers (64CSR25). Most of these certification classifications require individuals to take Commissioner approved, continuing education hours (CEHs) for renewal.

The intent of CEHs is to continually further a certified individual's knowledge, skills, and abilities in their area of expertise and support ongoing changes in industry technology and standards. CEH training must be relevant to public water system operations, public wastewater system operations, water well drilling, and/or pump installation. A wide variety of subjects are acceptable (e.g., math, science, engineering, public health, safety, computers, regulations and management). However, system specific on-the-job training covering subjects necessary for proper job performance and only open to employees is not acceptable. Product specific presentations are also not eligible if they do not go beyond the normal equipment operation explanation required for use. Generally, content should apply to multiple individuals regardless of equipment owned/purchased or place of employment.

The Certification & Training Program initiated the CEH Committee back in 2001 to ensure these required water and wastewater courses are relevant to the profession, held under responsible sponsorship, and taught by knowledgeable instructors. The CEH Committee meets monthly to review and approve water and wastewater operator continuing education courses accepted for certification renewal based on information received on Form EW-78. Operators uncertain of course content applicability or CEH approval status should contact the Certification & Training Program, before enrolling, to confirm. Typically the course provider or sponsor will submit an EW-78 but any individual may provide course information to request CEH consideration. Click here for a copy of Form EW-78. If a course is approved for both water and wastewater operator CEHs, an individual may apply the course to both their water and wastewater certifications. Please also note on the application if a course has been approved by another state certifying agency as it may facilitate processing if not state specific.

The Certification & Training Program utilizes a similar committee approach for the continuing education course approval decisions for water well driller and/or pump installer renewal requirements, again to ensure relevancy to the profession with knowledgeable instructors and appropriate documentation of attendance. Those potential courses should also use Form EW-78 to ensure all key information is provided to support the approval decision.

The general procedure for CEH consideration is the sponsoring organization submits a completed EW-78 to the Certification and Training Program sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled training. Following review, the appropriate CEH committee will approve, reject, or return the application for additional information. CEHs are measured in quarter hour increments and based on actual instruction and participation time. All approved CEHs are assigned a 7 digit number by the CEH committee. The 1st four digits refer to the year the course was approved. Any alterations from the originally approved course (e.g. instructor, duration or sponsor change) must be reviewed by the CEH committee. Approved, revised courses will have an additional R# on the end of the original CEH number.


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The Certification & Training Program and CEH related committees also reserve the right to audit any classes or seminars approved for CEH credit. Please contact the Certification & Training Program at (304) 356-4335 if you have additional questions regarding CEHs.


To find schedules of upcoming training courses, we recommend you check directly with: