Public Health Sanitation Division


Public Health Sanitation Division is responsible for developing, administering, and implementing a state wide program designed and dedicated to the eradication, control, and constant improvement of environmental and public health factors that may, through direct or indirect causes, adversely affect the health and well-being of people.



Please note the change to the WV Department of Health.

Make all checks and money orders payable to the WV Department of Health.  


   Mobile Food Establishment

2023 Legislative Session HB 3092 - Mobile Food Establishment Reciprocity Permit - Effective June 7, 2023

SF-47 Vendor County of Residence - Application for a Permit to Operate an In-State Mobile Food Establishment

SF- 48 In-State Reciprocity Permit - Application for a Reciprocity Permit to Operate an In-State Mobile Food Establishment 

*PLEASE NOTE: To Qualify for a In-State Reciprocity Permit the Vendor MUST HAVE an In-State Mobile Food Establishment Permit from the Vendor County of Residence AND notify the local health department 14 days prior to operation to qualify for the Reciprocity Permit. 

SF-51 Out-of-State Vendor Residence - Application for a Permit to Operate a Mobile Food Establishment


WaTCH - WV (Wastewater Testing for Community Health)

WaTCH-WV website 

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New data will be posted to the dashboard as soon as it is processed and validated by the testing lab.

CDC National Wastewater Surveillance System Data Tracker

Hepatitis A Information for Food Establishment Managers and Employees:

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