Bottled Water

Bottled Water

West Virginia requires all bottlers and distributors of bottled water to obtain a permit from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Office of Environmental Health Services.

This is done so it can be verified that the bottled water is from an approved source which is properly protected, is properly labeled as to it's source, tested for potential contaminants and inspected to verify that it is bottled in a sanitary manner.

West Virginia currently has over 170 plants under permit bottling over 1200 labels. These plants are in 9 different countries and 31 states.


On-line Application and Payment Option

To Complete an Online Application for New or Renewal Permit to Distribute Bottled Water; You will need:

  • Federal Employee Identification Number (F.E.I.N. number)

In addition to the application and fee you must provide the following documents before your permit will be issued:

  • Samples of all Labels.
  • Copies of results of a recent chemical analysis on both raw water and finished product. (for large files please consider sending the documents in multiple emails or by USPS)
  • Out of State Plants must submit a copy of your most recent Permit to Operate issued by your state’s regulatory agency.
  • In-State Plants Application Requirements.

These documents can be emailed to:

or: Faxed to: 304-558-1071

or Mail to:

Office of Environmental Health Services
Public Health Sanitation Division
350 Capitol Street, Room 313
Charleston, WV 25301- 3713
Attn: Bottled Water Program

Permit to Distribute Bottled Water will be processed and mailed after all required documents are received.

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Approved Laboratories for Microbiological and/or Chemical Testing

In-State Water Bottling Plants are permitted to use any laboratory from the facilities shown under "Water Qualities Laboratories" above or they may use an out of state laboratory not on this list if the laboratory has been certified with the Safe Drinking Water Act Regulations for testing or water. The lab's name, address, and certification number must be submitted to this office.

Out-of-state Water Bottling Plants are permitted to use any laboratory that is properly certified by their home state or country to do the required testing. Please submit the state or country certification number as well as the name and address of the laboratory at the proper location on the application.


Note to Bottlers: In addition to the required weekly source and finished product microbiological testing, and Pursuant to 21 CFR 129.80.f. you are required to perform bacteriological testing of each size container used for bottled water at least once every three (3) months. A bacteriological swab and/or rinse count must be made from at least four containers and closures just prior to filling and sealing. These tests must be performed by a qualified laboratory that is certified for this test. At this time in West Virginia, the only lab certified for this test is the WV Office of Laboratory Services. Test results must be retained at the facility for a period of three years (3), and be available for review at the time of inspection.


Bottled Water Forms

Note: The listing of West Virginia Certified Drinking Water Laboratories is maintained by the WV Office of Laboratory Services. Please check the WV Office of Laboratory Services Web Site for current listings.