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Infectious Medical Waste & Disease Control

Applications and Forms

64 CSR 56 Infectious Medical Waste Rule link: Infectious Medical Waste Rule


Infectious Medical Waste Facility Permit On-line Application and Payment Option for Renewal

To Complete an Online Application for Renewal of Infectious Medical Waste Facility Permit;

You will need:

  • Current Infectious Medical Waste (IMW) Permit number

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Procedure To Renew A Permit

  • No Changes In Your Infectious Medical Waste Management Plan
    To renew a permit with no changes to the Infectious Medical Waste Plan simply complete an application form and submit it with the required fee from appendix A of the Infectious Medical Waste Rule, 64CSR56.
  • With Minor Changes To Your Infectious Medical Waste Management Plan
    Minor changes to your infectious waste management plan should be submitted with your next permit renewal application. A copy of the infectious medical waste plan must be submitted with the application form and fee. If there is a problem with the plan the IMW program personnel will correspond with you until it meets the requirements. You may operate under your old plan until the new one is compliant.
  • Major Changes to You Infectious Medical Waste Management Plan Must Be Approved Before ImplementationIf you are making major changes to your infectious waste management plan the plan must be submitted before it is implemented. You may submit this plan at any time during the year but it must be submitted and approved prior to its implementation.

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Infectious Medical Waste Hauler On- Line Application and Payment

On-Line Applications and Payment for Infectious Medical Waste Haulers 


Application Forms


Infectious Medical Waste Permit Fee Schedule

Fee by Facility Type

Facility Type   Permit/Registration Fee
A.  Hospitals: 1 to 50 beds  $500.00
  51 to 149 beds $1,750.00
  150 or more beds $2,500.00
B.  Commercial Infectious Waste Management Facility:  $5000.00   $5000.00 
      Small Commercial Infectious Medical Waste Management Facility for Sharps (64 CSR 56  Section 11.19)   $150.00
C.  Transportation Vehicle    $250.00 (each)
D.  Commercial Storage and Transfer Facility:   $250.00
E.  Other (generate over 50 lbs./month of Infectious Medical Waste) 1.  Health Care Professionals $250.00
  2.  Independent Dialysis Center $250.00
  3.  Independent Laboratories $250.00
  4.  Independent Rural Clinics $250.00
  5.  Nursing Homes $250.00
  6.  Other Long Term Care Facilities $250.00
  7.  Outpatient Surgery Centers $250.00
F.  Incinerator Operators Registration   $25.00
G.  Alternative Treatment Evaluation Fee   $500.00