West Virginia Sewage Advisory Board

On-Site Wastewater Management

West Virginia Sewage Advisory Board

The West Virginia Sewage Advisory Board was established to advise the Commissioner of the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health on on-site sewage system issues. The committee meets quarterly to discuss concerns that all parties involved are experiencing and strives to solve these problems.

If you have any questions or concerns that need addressed, please contact the Office of Environmental Health Services' On-Site Sewage Program Manager, (304) 558-2981 or by email to: Rick.A.Hertges@wv.gov On-Site Sewage Program Manager, so that your issues can be addressed during the next meeting.


Members of the Sewage Advisory Board

Member Affiliation
Rick Hertges WV Office of Environmental Health Services - Public Health - On-Site Sewage Program Manager - Board Chairman
Bill Clark W. J. Clark
Jessica Shreve Braxton County Health Department
Marvin Kerr Kerrs Multi Services
Angie Linville Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department
John Perkins WV Department of Environmental Protection
Melisa Powers WV Environmental Training Center
Todd Powroznik Monongalia County Health Department
Joe Street Preston Excavating
Penny Mangold WV Office of Environmental Health Services - PHS - Fairmont District Sanitarian
Eddy Facemire On-site Sewage Class II Installer
Rich Weigand WV Environmental Training Center
Keith Lee Cabell-Huntington Health Department